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10 years ... Oh my how things have Changed!

Hard to believe last year! Honestly Covid and all the crazy was so thankful that this little studio is my safe happy place.

As a small business you need to be able to pivot, we put into place a curbside drop off & pick up box. A lot of interaction was done online or texting. To survive as a small business you do what needs to be done. There were times one just needed to say okay what is next, bring it, deal with it, pray, move on. A lot of changes have happened this year. At the beginning of the year our website got hacked. Found the amazing Jessica from Wishful Websites.

Supporting local women run businesses a win in my books. She has been a blessing cause I suck at the computer stuff. Okay sucking maybe too strong of a word. I just rather do something else. Work to your strengths hire for your weakness. That is why you bring your quilts to a longarmer. Anyways the site is a lot more user friendly. New website meant new business cards, new look inside and outside the studio. Our little house is now turquoise with a little yellow door and white trim. You can’t miss the house now. And the business cards match the house. Evil giggle.

So let’s see what else has been happening… Ran Chloe’s Club house, boys this year so interesting just saying. Have taught more beginner classes this year. Seems like everyone wanted to learn how to quilt. All our classes are one on one so we are able to social distance and yes wear a mask when needed. Following all the cities bylaws!

Biggest news is our new machine, okay new to us…An Innova 22 lovingly called Frankie !!!! Yes we have added another longarm machine, this machine is totally computerized. With over 3000 design patterns to work with. We call it Frankie in honor of the previous owner. So while Frankie is working, I can be doing freemotion on the other machine. When both machines are going it is noisy so have been telling clients to come straight in and down into the studio. Having both machines means our turn around time is 5 days if edge to edge and two weeks for light custom.

Learning a new system I have been working on my quilts as if I harmed them oh well it’s mine. Results of this are I have finished a ton of quilts! So Jessica added a page to shop. Check out our shop by clicking here. Yes we are now offering quilts for sale . Pricing is fair to cover cost of supplies and labour. If this works & we sell a few, we plan to offer quilters a place to sell their quilts.

Like I said a small business needs to know how to pivot… Come check the studio out & take home a gift to say thank you for all your support this past year and to Celebrate 10 years in business.


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