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Foundation Paper Piecing

My initial encounter with foundation paper piecing was far from positive. I found it to be complex and wasteful, and I struggled to grasp its concept. However, fast forward several years, and paper piecing has become my preferred technique.

I appreciate how it allows for precise point creation and offers endless creative possibilities. But at the outset, I couldn't understand why people held such affection for it.

Everything changed when I began doing it in a completely different manner from what I was originally taught. Now, I can create entire quilts using significantly less fabric than most pattern designers recommend. In my latest project, I've only generated about half a meter of waste. I've predominantly utilized fat quarters for most colors and 2.5 meters of fabric for the larger background sections.

Experience has been a valuable teacher. I can now look at a project and recognize when the designer has suggested an excessive amount of fabric. You don't need a quarter-yard of fabric for a collar and a few accents; you can effectively utilize scraps. The quilt stores assemble kits that are exorbitantly priced because they provide precisely what the designer specifies. After completing the quilt, you often realize that you could almost create a second quilt with the leftover materials, which can be extremely frustrating and doubles the cost of your project. Making a quilt doesn't have to be an extravagant expense; you just need to comprehend how to interpret a pattern and use your discernment to determine the actual requirements for your projects.

Another advantage of paper piecing is that even someone with little to no quilting experience can successfully complete a project. If you've ever contemplated trying it out, consider enrolling in our upcoming workshops. We offer two different weekends:

  • October 13-15: Four spaces available.

  • November 3-5: Four spaces available.

These workshops focus on Foundation Paper Piecing and cost $150, which includes meals and snacks (supplies not included).

My husband will be preparing delicious meals, and I'll be baking for these workshops. Spend three days working on a paper piecing project of your choice, whether you already have one in mind or we can choose one together.

You'll learn all my tips and tricks.

Before the workshop, you can select your project, or I can assist you in making a choice. The project's size doesn't matter; I'll teach you how to shop from your existing stash to keep costs down. If you need to purchase materials, I'll help you avoid overbuying and keep expenses in check. All the necessary equipment is available on-site, so there's no need to worry about that unless you prefer to bring your own machine.

To reserve your spot, please call the studio, as we have only four spots available.


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