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October … Where did the last month go ?

This month just flew by , honestly it just did. I have been having so much fun learning and playing with the new computerized system. Been pulling out my quilts that have just been waiting to get done to practice on. I have finished so many of my quilts decided to put a few up for sale.

So we have added a For Sale page to our site. If you see something you like give us a call and yes we will be happy to place it into your hands or ship it out. A couple of friends thought the pricing was fair. Those people are quilters and understand what goes into making a quilt. And my none quilting friends thought your kidding that’s a blanket.

Prime example is the Day Break quilt. It’s a king size quilt. Just in supplies your looking at $550 - 600 dollars. Then it took months to piece and put together. If I was working on it eight hours a day looking at about ten days of labour. Next the quilting, due to it’s size it would run you $250 to have the studio quilt it. Then you have the finishing and because of the edging it’s another 3 plus hours to finish. A lot of time and money went into making this quilt. It’s priced at $1200 dollars so for 12 days of my life I’m making $600 dollars for two weeks work. Well below a living wage. A quilt is a labour of love and a lot of thought, time and money goes into it. This gem could be yours.

Also this month did some major organizing and reworking the studio. Looking back over the last 10 years the studio has changed so much. Come see all the changes, drop off a quilt to be finished. And take home a thank you gift for supporting our little company.

With having the two machines our turn around time is three days for edge to edge and 10 days for light custom. As we get closer to the holidays that could change but for now we are on top of everything. Also if your not a quilter but looking for a Christmas gift for the quilter in your life we offer gift certificates, we offer amazing classes. And now we are offering quilts for sale.

And last but not least dealing with Covid… Everyone in the studio has been vaccinated. We do require masks as per city bylaws. We still can offer classes as we are one on one and can social distance. We are doing everything in our power to keep our staff and studio Covid safe. Stop in check us out.

If you are interested in any of our quilts that are for sale, go to


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