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Our Working Studio

Updated: May 4, 2023

So in the City of Calgary retail space is crazy expensive. So our little studio is run out of our home. The studio has it’s own walkway and side entrance. Which means clients are not disturbing the house and all it’s members. Now saying this our little French bull dogs will come and greet you and maybe bring you a gift. If I am home then chances are I am in the studio working.

My hours are nuts because well sometimes working into the wee hours works for me. You never know how the work day is going to unfold. Some days the phone is ringing off the hook. Other days not a thing. This week for example Monday was dead. Got a lot done. Today was nuts… to the point of nothing is getting done. That’s okay just means I maybe working until midnight to complete what needs to be done.

Wednesday Teaching a one on one class. Thursday a renter is in , so that means I am piecing with a friend so I can finish a class sample which needs to be done for Saturday. Friday have no idea what’s happening but can guess I will be burning the midnight oil to complete something. Saturday teaching the Elephant abstraction workshop at a local guild. Sunday is open sew day at the studio. So far only one person has taken advantage of this .

It’s a working studio , it has a fun energy


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