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Summer’s Gone. - OMG Christmas is Coming !

As a child, time seemed to stand still, but as we grow older, time appears to fly by. Honestly, I have no idea where this summer went. That being said, I do know it was busy. This summer, I went on mini trips. I flew to Victoria, Kelowna, and drove to Sister's Oregon and Boise Oregon. I drove on both trips. If you know me, being trapped in a car for more than 3 hours is my version of a nightmare, but being the driver was a completely different story—I loved it.

We also organized some fundraiser events for No Fixed Address _yyc. We hosted an afternoon tea and a BBQ. Unfortunately, the Pizza and movie night got canceled. The studio managed to raise $1375.00, and all funds have been used to help feed people facing food insecurities.

I encourage you to check them out if you get a chance. On October 7th, you can find them at Olympic Plaza. I'll be there helping out. For $20, you can buy yourself a Thanksgiving lunch and also provide a meal for someone who may not be able to afford one.

Between the mini holidays and the charity events, I feel recharged, and my soul feels enriched by giving back in a positive way. Now that I'm recharged, I'm ready for the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, do you stress about them?

I personally don't. They're coming, and you can't change that. However, how you deal with them is another story. In the studio, the Christmas rush, or maybe the pre-rush, has already begun. I appreciate those organized quilters who have already dropped off their projects.

This means we can meet our clients' expectations by returning their quilts to them on time, reducing their stress.

If you're not organized, don't worry. Our cutoff date is December 15th. If possible, try not to leave it to the last minute, because you know I'll be working tirelessly to get your quilt back to you. If all my clients did this, I would be pulling a few all-nighters!

What if you're not a quilter but want a quilt? We've got you covered. Yes, if you want a simple quilt made, please place your order. The cutoff date for Christmas delivery is October 31st.

We already have a few quilts ready-made, and more are in the process of being created to have on hand. Our goal for next month is to have about a dozen lap and throw-size quilts in the studio at all times. The price range for these quilts is $250 to $300. You can also check out our shop page for larger quilts.

A side note regarding the pricing of quilts: The cost of fabric, batting, and thread has skyrocketed, with the average cost of fabric now exceeding $20 per meter. Making a lap quilt truly costs a quilter $250 just in materials alone, so our prices are right on track. Another service we offer is a quilting party. This summer, we hosted our first Deluxe Quilting party. Six ladies attended and created a quilt for the birthday girl. We provided a homemade carrot cake, cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, snacks, and beverages.

The ladies successfully made a wonderful quilt top while enjoying each other's company. The birthday girl had an amazing quilt to snuggle under, and a few days after the party, she picked up her finished quilt. This event was our deluxe package and costs $450, but it's a full day that includes everything, and you leave with a completed quilt.

Suggestions for reducing holiday stress are simple: feed your soul, take some time for yourself, and stop worrying about having everything done. Do what you can, and if something doesn't get done, it doesn't. If you're making a quilt, remember that the cutoff date is December 15th, so you have time. And if you're not a quilter, we're here to help you with that special, unique gift or experience. With an excited spirit, I'm ready for the holidays. If Christmas happened today, let it (no Christmas cookies, but who needs them?).

I hope to see you in the studio. You can't miss our house; it's turquoise with little yellow doors. Please use the door on the alley side and come straight in and down into the studio.


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