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T-Shirt quilts or Memory quilts

Lately, I have had a number of requests for memory quilts using a persons clothing. And when I say your looking at $20 per item well… The first reaction is wow that’s a lot if you were thinking of a queen size quilt for the bed. Usually, I suggest a nice lap size quilt that you can curl up while watching TV or reading a book. This quilt is to give you comfort and a hug. The next reaction is well we are providing the fabric so why the cost ? My answer is this, yes we are using that shirt but one has to stabilize it.

Then, we need batting and backing fabric. We use quality supplies. Walk into any quilt store and you will be shocked at the cost of fabric. Our grandmothers might have made quilts from flour sacks and cloths but back then said items were 100 percent cotton. Today's clothing is an entirely different story. So every piece needs to be stabilized and that product costs. Then there is the time.

Step one:

Cutting all the shirts then cutting and fussing the stabilize

Step two:

Honestly, cutting all the shirts then cutting and fussing the stabilize , sewing and putting together takes time.

Then, we have the quilting part, squaring up and binding to do. Last week, I spent my entire week making five quilts. *Evil giggle* that isn’t the entire truth I had been working on them on and off for the past couple of weeks. I did take last week to quilt them and bind them. Just doing the binding on a lap size quilt takes about an hour and that’s if one doesn’t have interruption’s.

When making a memory quilt one has to understand it’s for someone that might be grieving, hurting and needs that hug. I personally have no attachment to said clothing. My goal is to make a quilt that you don’t mind on the sofa.

So yes, an average size lap quilt will run you around $200 to $250 dollars depending on how many shirts we are using. These quilts usually take 8 hours to complete. And you're looking at about $75 dollars worth of supplies.

When that memory quilt leaves the studio,. I am proud of how it looks and truly hope it gives others comfort.

When it leaves this studio use it! If you put it in the closet to save that’s a crime in my eyes. Take it camping, watch TV under it, read a book snuggled under it. Let the dog or cat sleep on it. A quilt should be loved. Oh and yes it can be washed, my client that picked up these five quilts asked how to clean. Throw it in the wash it doesn’t have to be cold or hung to dry. Throw it in the wash just like everything else you wash.

If you would like a memory quilt whether it's for you or a friend, contact us today by calling 403-669-9523 or fill out our form online here.


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